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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Photographer Courtney Alexander discovered his interests in the Arts as a youth, with a notable fondness for Music, Film, Photography, and Drama. He focused on photography in secondary school but ultimately pursued the Dramatic Arts at Humber College in 1996.
While studying at Humber, he was able to secure an agent, join the ACTRA union, and successfully booked a number of small roles in film, television, and commercials.

He also partnered with Kleen Media, formerly a popular Toronto-based Nightlife, Hospitality, and Events company who catered to attendants of many of Toronto’s premium entertainment venues. It was a perfect opportunity to excel at his craft as a photographer.

While at Kleen Media, he honed his skills as an Events Photographer, shooting crowds large and small in unpredictable lighting conditions while photographing authentic, candid moments. His approach to photography also draws from his experience as a trained actor.

With an excellent understanding of the art and business of photography and a good eye for spotting talent, Courtney decided to start his own creative and mother agency in 2019. Eidolon Creative Agency has since worked with brands both large and small including Gillette, Lexus Canada and Toronto based brand Spread Love

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